Mr. David Ray

Founding Principal 1995-2000

David Ray came into this community with a commitment to build a quality school that would embrace all learning styles and allow individuals to reach their fullest potential. He was a leader who was accessible, dedicated, possessed tireless energy, and a man of high ideals. He expected the best from his staff and students, and in return gave his best.

As Mr. Ray leaves Coyote Creek, the legacy he leaves behind is more than a school building or an educational philosophy. The legacy he leaves is a living legacy of those people whose lives he has touched. It is a legacy of staff who has been nurtured to grow professionally and to become a powerful force in our children's education. It is a legacy of children who leave Coyote Creek rich in the knowledge they acquired here and embody the values they were taught. It is also a legacy of parents empowered to actively participate in the school. It is a legacy that will endure through time.

The definition of a hero is: A man admired for his qualities or achievements and regarded as ideal or a model. David Ray is indeed a hero. He is a man admired for his achievements in his profession and a model of a man of principle. Where Mr. Ray's journeys may take him and whatever else he may accomplish in life, he will be forever remembered by this community as a champion of children and as our hero.



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